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Judging of entries is conducted in two phases: preliminary and final.  Preliminary judges are recruited worldwide, apply to judge on the International Business Awards web site, and are accepted or rejected, and assigned categories by Stevie Awards staff, based on their experience and language preferences.
During preliminary judging, each entry is reviewed and rated by no fewer than five (5) volunteer judges who have been approved as qualified (by Stevie Awards staff) to judge those entries. All entries except those in the Advertising & Other Media Awards Categories (and with the exception of nominated web sites, blogs and online ads/campaigns) are viewed and rated at the judges' convenience over the Internet. Rating is done on a scale of 1-10.

All entries that receive a high average score in the preliminary round of judging, regardless of category, are automatically designated as Distinguished Honorees, and receive a medial if they don't also move on to receive an International Stevie.

Members of the Board of Distinguished Judges & Advisors and other select business leaders perform the final judging, during which they choose International Stevie winners, at their discretion, from among the Distinguished Honorees. Final judges have the option to award multiple International Stevies in a category, or to not award International Stevies in categories in which they feel that no Distinguished Honoree is deserving of a trophy. For example, Final Judges are able to award Best Marketing Executive International Stevies in the Chemicals, Insurance, and Media Industries; and within the Media industry, for example, there may be a Best Marketing Executive International Stevie winner among companies of up to 100 employees and also among companies with more than 1,000 employees.

The veracity of claims made in Distinguished Honoree entries may be audited.  Any entry found to contain false or misleading information will be disqualified

Board of Distinguished Judges  & Advisors

The awards are governed by this distinguished body, which includes many of the world’s leading business executives, association leaders, business educators and business journalists, including

  • Gary Hamel
  • Tom Peters
  • Tony Robbins
  • Donald Trump

Board members and their staffs perform the Final judging to determine International Stevie Award winners.  Preliminary judges are recruited from around the world and they conduct the preliminary judging to determine the Finalists.